Thursday, May 2, 2013

{Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2013}

As a momma-to-be I thought I'd put together my version of a gift guide. I by no means know what I need yet nor what to expect really. These are just items that I've already received or that I'm already drooling over. I feel like I should start by saying that I will try not to do too many "mom" posts. I'll admit that it will be hard and there will definitely be mom posts no matter what. So I hope you guys continue to follow along and learn with me as I go. 
From left to right: I MUST have this Kristin Cavallari for GlamBoutique safety pin necklace(**cough, Kory, cough**). This one would be perfect for a momma to be, especially one who doesn't know what she's having yet! This gold bar necklace is so fab. I love that it's personal and fashionable, sometimes it's hard to find that mix. I will definitely order one of these once we know what we're having and have a name picked out. Isn't this silhouette necklace absolutely darling? They're totally customizable so you can change the charms and the colors. Coincidence that this little birdie necklace has S's?? I think not! Those birds are just too cute. Would you wear one of these personalized necklaces? If so, which one is your favorite?

{Tickle Book}{Sophie}{Mobile}{Baby blanket}
It says for baby, but this might be for me, err mom. So one of the first gifts we received for our little babe was this Tickle Monster books from one of my best friends. It comes with these ridiculously cute and furry gloves that you use to tickle your little one as you read. I can't wait to break this guy in! I already jumped on the Sophie train. That little giraffe is just too good to pass up. This rain cloud mobile will be in our nursery, all in due time. We're back to the giraffes. I'm still leaning towards neutral colors since we don't know what we're having yet and I love yellow as a neutral color. Plus those giraffes are adorbs.
{Clean for her}{Make her a candlelit dinner}{Get her a prenatal pillow}{Rub stretch mark cream on her, yes I mean it.}
Every mom deserves to be pampered. It's funny, I feel like so many times in my life I've said things like, "men have it easy, they don't have periods or give birth or have to deal with all the emotions that women deal with, among other things." But really aren't we the lucky ones? I think so, but I'll save that for another time. Coming to a clean house is bliss, isn't it? It's the best when it's been cleaned by someone else. Maybe this mother's day, you could pick up the house for mom or even hire a maid? Dinner accompanied by candlelight? Who wouldn't love that? I would LOVE to have one of these pregnancy pillows. I'm not having too much trouble sleeping just yet, but I can already tell that I'll need one! Stretch mark cream. I don't mean this to be an insult. The only way this will be considered, pampering her, is if you massage momma with it!
I also saw this gift idea on Donuts, Dresses and Dirt the other day:
I may have to sign up for this!
What do you think of this gift guide? Any tips or suggestions? Are there things that are musts for mommas-to-be or new moms?? I'd love to know! As I said, I'm learning here! Help a sister out!
Melissa Loren
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