Monday, May 27, 2013


Happy Memorial Day guys! It's pretty gloomy here in KC today, but I still plan to enjoy my day off! This weekend was great because we had NO plans, nothing on the ol schedule, but then we ended up doing so much. It was such a great weekend. Friday night we went to see The Fast and Furious 6 with are equally nerdy friends, Geoff and Carly. Don't worry, they even brought NOS energy drinks to sip on during the movie ;). Don't judge us, we all loved the movie! Whoop! Saturday we did some shopping(I needed some clothes that would fit my growing belly!) and then we took the top off our jeep and went cruising around! It was the best, I'm really happy with the purchase of our new jeep. Yesterday we decided that we would attempt to register for Baby Schartz. We knew some things would be tricky because we don't know the sex yet, but it was ok, we just saved some stuff for later. It was a bit overwhelming though. Even with ALL of the research I've done I found myself second guessing everything. There are just so many options and of course not any ONE place has everything you need/want. It would be great if one place did though. It would be very convenient for the parents and for shower-goers. I will have a post up tomorrow that I'm hoping you all will read, so you can give your advice, opinions and knowledge! But for now, back to Sunday. Later Sunday night our friends had us over for a little bbq. They surprised us with a little gift for the baby. It was the sweetest baby book that I can use to document all the little details when baby gets here. I snapped a photo of the wedding countdown stand we got them for their engagement party last weekend. It was a great time, we played dominos and sipped on cherry limeades. Danielle made the Pioneer Woman's cherry limeades for me since I couldn't partake in any adult beverages. They were perfect!

 I had to add a couple of shots of our silly pups. Such a great weekend. I'm so thankful for moments like these! 
Melissa Loren

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