Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4D, Nesting and More!

It's a fact that I am in full-blown nesting mode! Last night I organized BOTH of our pantries, cleaned out the laundry room, organized the Tupperware cabinet,  touched up the trim in the nursery, cleaned out the fridge, vacuumed the entire house and made dinner. This house needs to be in tip-top shape when this boy arrives!! So. Much. To. Do. Don't worry, soon enough I'll be sharing my "Before Baby Arrives" checklist. :)

I'll also be sharing a GIVEAWAY soon!! Hopefully tomorrow? We'll see! 

I mentioned yesterday that we were able to do a 4D sonogram. Most people say it's a little early to really enjoy one, but we had the opportunity to do one at 21 weeks and, well, who's going to pass that up?! We certainly weren't about to. 

Each time I get to see or hear our baby I get so emotional. It's such a precious thing that is happening. I have so much joy already, I can't imagine what this boy will do to me when I get to hold him in my arms. 

His heartbeat is like music to my ears. We could really see his legs a-kickin', which just makes me cheese even harder each time I feel him now. He was kind enough to move his umbilical cord out of the way so we could see his beautiful face. It was like he literally pulled it away from his face so that we had a clear shot. Mom and dad both agree that he quite possibly has mommas lippies. :)

Speaking of lips, did you know that 4D sonograms really have ZERO medical benefits, they're purely for fun and because we can. The one thing that you can learn from a 4D sonogram is whether or not there is a cleft palette. Baby Schartz has two full and luscious lips. ;) 

I was going to share a few pictures, but I know some people find them a little, creepy, if you will. If it's not your baby, you're usually not as interested. I get it, they can be a little off-putting. I DO NOT think that about my little sugar plum, but I'm a little biased. I'll spare you guys just incase though. HEE. 

So yeah, that's that! :)

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Melissa Loren

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