Tuesday, June 18, 2013

{A Fun Gift Idea}

I just thought I'd share what I got Kory for Father's Day. We're well aware that we shouldn't actually be celebrating Mother's Day and Father's Day, yet. We're not "technically" parents yet, but we're way too excited to ignore appreciation for one another. Just as he treated me with a little something for Mother's Day, I decided to do the same. I know Father's Day has passed, but you could get so creative with this idea and run away with it. Doing something similar could be great for any birthday or Christmas gift. 
Here's what I did...
I picked out a nice, manly diaper bag for Kor. I figured he wouldn't want to be stuck carrying around my girly one, plus it'll be convenient for him to have one as well. I picked out the Diaper Dude(Kory had actually ooo'd and ahh'd over it when we were registering). It's great, it's almost like a briefcase and it is lined in bright orange, which reminds me of his passion for hunting. 
Once I picked out the bag I filled it with items he would need for the baby. I made little notes for him, though. For example, the baby wipes are for the baby's bottom, NOT for clean up after devouring hot wings(he loves a hot wing). Tylenol is for the teething baby, NOT for hangovers. Sunscreen is for protecting our baby's skin, not for laying out on the beach. And so on, I did this for every item in the bag. I thought it was a cute way of getting something that he wanted and would actually use for the baby and I was able to incorporate other items that we would need for our peanut. It was also a fun reminder that he is going to be a daddy! Not that he's forgotten(duh), but just a few little reminders of what's to come!
Like I said, you don't need to be expecting to create gifts like these. This would be fun for anyone. Just find items that they love and get creative with how you connect them to the person you're surprising!
Have you done this before, or are you planning to? I'd love to hear your ideas!
Have a lovely day!
Melissa Loren

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