Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Usually, I hate the word "content." I am never a content woman. I always want more. (We want more, we want more!) I don't like to settle, I like to keep on achieving and climbing up the ladder. That's how things get done in life, you just keep pushing forward. 

BUT, I must say, it's terribly hard not to be content with life right now. I am just HAPPY. And gosh it feels good. 

I have this beautiful baby boy growing inside of me, who I swear must be doing cartwheels and somersaults all.day.long. The kid never stops moving. He keeps a smile on my face all day(and night), as he continues to figure out his limbs all while he kicks and punches away. I mean seriously. 

He also keeps me busy with his shower and nursery. What fun it is to plan and create. 

This husband of mine. He's just the bee's knees. He knows what makes me happy. He may watch a little too much baseball while we're trying to fall asleep, but that's ok because he takes me for ice cream. He puts Selena Gomez on for me. He walks Tego for me. He wakes me up when I'm sleeping on my back. He obliges when I ask him to stare at my belly for a ridiculous amount of time so that maybe, just maybe he can see the baby move. He's something like my own personal slice of Heaven. They just don't make men like him very often. I'm a lucky baby mama! Haha. 

My mom. That fierce momma of mine! Man she's been great. So excited she is. And supportive, wowee! I always knew my mom was great, but she just keeps getting better. She loves this little baby of ours already. She is CONSTANTLY rubbing my belly and bringing me snacks and bringing little bits and pieces for the baby. I can't wait to show my mom that she's taught me so much over the years. She'll be proud, I hope!

How can you not be content with all of that?! I mean it's summer! There's sunshine and ice cream and good friends to spend your time with! There's bbq's to be had. Road trips to take. Memories to be made! Be happy people. We only have this one life, make it worth it! 
Melissa Loren 

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