Monday, June 17, 2013

{DIY Chalkboard Wall in the Nursery}

Dreaming up this nursery has become a labor of love for me. Every second of my spare time is spent working on the nursery. Just little bits here and there. I've definitely been trying to break it up into pieces so that it's easier on the budget. We have more important things to spend money on, rather than some lavish nursery. 

Onto the point of this post. When brainstorming ideas for the nursery I came up with the idea to have a metal wall. We have one small wall next to the closet and I thought it would be perfect for a stainless steel wall. It would be attractive to the eye and when the baby's  older he could have a place for his magnets. So fun right? Am I alone? I think I am, because Kory totally shot down my idea. He didn't think it was sensible or safe. For the record, my mom has a hallway lined with metal and it looks FABulous. That's ok though, to avoid any extra stress or unwanted tension, I moved away from my idea. Daddy doesn't need to be stressed either. So, I continued my brainstorming and finally decided that a chalkboard wall would be perfect! A fun little twist to our wall is that it is also magnetic-YAY! While we were at Home Depot picking up the chalkboard paint we stumbled across magnetic paint. Who knew! I surely didn't, but I'm so glad we found it! 
Here's a few pictures of how everything turned out and a peek at one side of how the nursery is coming along. 
As far as directions go, I just followed the instructions on both of the cans of paint. It took 3 light coats of each, applying the magnetic paint first. It was so simple and only took a day, but you need to let it rest for 3 days before conditioning it. 
Welp, there's a little peak! There's still a TON more to do, so stay tuned!
Melissa Loren

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  1. Awesome :) Looks cute. I am definitely going to have to make Jack a chalk wall, because he wants to draw on the walls anyways!


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