Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{Just A Little Love}

I haven't shown any love for the ladies who have inspired me and kept me going on this blog, for quite some time. They're more than overdue a little bragging! So today, kick back and read a little bit about the amazing women behind the blogs, that have pushed me to be better and to chase my dreams. Not to mention, all of the help and boosts they've all given my little blog! First up:

Lacy of Living on Love
Lacy is a mother to two beautiful little adventurers and a wife to a man that I don't know, but I assume is some kind of wonderful! I started reading Lacy's blog several years ago and I was immediately sucked in by her passion for life and the love that her and her husband shared. With each post I was left inspired and ready to conquer the world. My love for Living on Love has only grown stronger. As Lacy and her children grow and her dreams change, I find my own dreams growing and changing. To watch Lacy and her family chase their dreams is absolutely mesmerizing. They've recently moved from the suburbs to the country, where they've began fulfilling their dreams. From raising chickens and ducks to canning their own jams, each day is an adventure for them. Lacy cooks at home every day and has yet to repeat a meal this year. Isn't that mind blowing? It leaves you wanting to do more doesn't it? With a baby on the way I can't help but admire Lacy as she teaches her girls about nature, the outdoors and our Earth. Never will you find those girls planted in front of a television screen. They are adventurers, they are! Keep up the good work Lacy!

Miss Jennifer of Hello Cheeseburger
Jennifer is what I like to call a design guru. She is crazy talented and more creative than I could ever dream up. As a fashion lover myself, I have to give Jennifer kudos on her exquisite taste and sense of style. Growing up as the daughter of a business owner, I know first hand what it takes to start and maintain your own business. It's no walk in the park and anyone who believes that it is, is either a fool or has never attempted such an endeavor. I am more than proud of Jennifer and her ever growing business, Hello Cheeseburger. Her pieces are modern, quirky and unique, all of which suit me perfectly. I love finding pieces that not everyone will have or might not even think to pick at first glance, but once they see you rocking them, they will be begging to know where you got them! Not only is she selling her pieces, but she's also blogging. Her blog includes DIY's, how to wear your HC pieces and more! THIS Friday(June 21st) she is having a sale that you can attend in person. See the pieces, try them on and just confirm how much you love them! I'm telling you, you don't want to miss it. Here is my most recent HC favorite! I can't wait to decide on a baby name so that I can customize my own necklace!
If you'd like to sponsor us please contact me at Blog friends are the best. I love that we're able to help one another grow and learn. If you'd like to grow and learn with us, we'd love to have you! Be sure to check these ladies out, I'm lucky to be in their company!
Melissa Loren


  1. Melissa, you are so sweet. I'm glad blogging allowed us to meet!

    1. (Not sure how I didn't realize that rhymed.) I also wanted to add a thank you for all of your support!

  2. Aw, this is the sweetest! Seriously, I am so flattered. Thank you so much girl.

    And Jennifer, loved your poem. :)


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