Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{Weekend Fun}

WHAT AN AMAZING WEEKEND WE HAD!! Three cities in three days. We nearly saw every part of the Sunflower State. 
First we hit Kory's hometown(Ellinwood). We stayed the night there after 4 hours of driving. In the morning we met his dad for breakfast before heading to Dodge City. Hey I didn't say that this trip was fancy! Once in Dodge City, we met up with his mom's side of the family for a graduation party. 5 of his 6 aunts were in attendance. Which is pretty awesome because it doesn't happen often. Some of them I'd never met before. Whether I had met them already or not, it was still fun to show off my bump and talk baby details with them. We stayed the night in Dodge so that we could head to Kory's grandparent's farm Sunday morning. We had lunch with his fam and they tended to the farm, giving it a little TLC. 
Sunday afternoon we headed to the happenin' city of Liberal! Our good friends moved back to Liberal nearly two years ago. We've missed them so! We don't get to see them as often as we'd like. They opened up a steak house a little over a year ago, so we could literally spend hours trading restaurant stories. The food was delicious of course and we ate waaaay too much!! Sarah surprised me with an early baby shower gift...the most amazing Kate Spade diaper bag ever!! I mean seriously. I slept with it Sunday night. Ok I'm kidding, but I thought about it! Thank you again Sarah!! SMOOCHES!! 
Sarah and Aaron also hooked us up in the most incredible way ever, they asked his dad to give us a 4D sonogram. He's the local OB! How cool is that?! I'll have more about that tomorrow!!
After a 6.5 hour drive home yesterday, we are glad to be home. We missed our Tegobear so much. Time away is always so bittersweet. I'm glad to be home and able to sleep in my own bed with my little bear. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Melissa Loren

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