Friday, July 19, 2013

{Baby Schartz: Week 24}

How far along?: 24 weeks
Total weight gain?: 8lbs 
Size of baby?: Cantaloupe. There's a cantaloupe hanging out in my belly. It looks like it too. HA!
Maternity clothes?: No, although I should probably start shopping for some. Most of my clothes are just uncomfortable.
Stretch marks?: Nooooo! Please stay away!!
Sleep?: The craaaazy dreams have k-i-c-k-e-d in. I won't elaborate, just trust me when I say they're crazy!
Best moment this week: Having Kor hold my belly while little man boogied away in there. He kicked and rolled and everything else he could do to show off for daddy.   
Miss Anything?: I saw a pic of someone enjoying a glass of red wine at some fancy schmancy restaurant. I don't need the fancy restaurant, but I'll take the wine. MMMM. Cabernet. Just like Homer Simpson would say, "MMMM doughnuts." Haha.
Movement?: Movement? Lordy. This kid moves. He's starting to roll, rather than just kick. The rolling is a really weird feeling. It's awesome, but strange.
Food cravings: Still nothing, womp womp. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: The whole brushing my teeth gig is still bothering me. Especially in the morning. It upsets my stomach for a few hours. :(
Gender: Baby BOY!! With the second sonogram, there is no doubt in my mind that we're having a little boy. Haha. 
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: Nesting like a mofo, I vacuumed three times this week. And suddenly I feel like this entire house needs to be redecorated??  
Belly button in or out?: In :) It's getting larger and larger though. Eeeek! 
Wedding rings on or off?: On :)
Happy or moody most of the time?: I'm still happy. I'm starting to stress a little bit. It's kicking in that this baby will be here in no time and we really need to start getting the things we need for him!
Looking forward to: A baby shower for one friend and a housewarming party for another! There's much to be celebrated!

I don't have any special news this week. No crazy updates. We're basically just playing the waiting game these days. Enjoying our time without a child while we can :)
Melissa Loren

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