Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Shower for Baby Schartz!

This weekend our friends and family came together to celebrate this little boy of ours. We held the shower at my mother's Mexican Restaurant, where we served yummy tacos, taquitos, discada, rice and fideo. For dessert we had the yummiest Salted Caramel Cupcakes from Cupcake A La Mode, cake batter cookies, a funfetti cake and yummy sherbet punch! 
I had so much fun planning and decorating this dessert table. I made my own confetti for all the tables using a large hole punch on paper suited to match my color theme. I made the pompom flowers using a previous tutorial of mine. I made a few fun little garlands using decorative paper and hemp string. I gathered the stools and other random decor from my home to decorate the rest of the table.
I made cupcake flag toppers using toothpicks, washi tape and the same paper from the garlands and confetti.
I used my friend's punch recipe. It is so yummy. It's just blue hawaiian punch, 7 up and pineapple sherbet! Thanks Ash! :)
To save money I baked my own cake. It was just a basic white cake with sprinkles on the inside and vanilla frosting. I used wooden skewers to hold the baby banner, which I used the hemp, brown craft paper and a permanent marker to make.
This was the gift bench!
Mason jars filled with flowers and confetti topped the tables.
My dear friend Sarah and her mother put together the coolest onesie decorating station for us! You should see the onesies people were able to make for us! Awesomeness. Three cheers for Sarah and her momma! Love you both! I'll post pics of the onesies, eventually!
I worked on this tissue paper photo booth backdrop for a few days. I wish we would've gotten more pics in front of it. We sort of forgot about it. :/ My lovely friend Carly spent so much time making these adorable mustache props for the booth, as well as the sweet Baby Schartz banner!
People loved my floral crown. I actually shared how I made it here!
The shower was beautiful. We had an incredible turnout. We are very blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. We're surrounded by wonderful friends and a loving family. This babe will be well taken care of, for sure. We owe a million thanks to everyone. Truly. I just can't even explain it. THANK YOU all so very much for attending and supporting us and our little boy. We are more than grateful. 
Melissa Loren

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  1. Your shower was beautiful! So glad I was able to attend.


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