Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{Before-Baby Bucket List}

This is more of a to-do list, rather, but I'll call it a bucket list because I don't want to put too much pressure on myself. :)
So sometimes you start a list like this and you take your time getting around to publishing it. In the meantime you check off one of the items on your list. Like organizing the garage, for example. Sometimes your husband spends an entire Sunday building shelves to get said garage in order. And you of course help him sweep the garage and do a little nesting while you're in there. Put this there, and put that, there. Then you guys step back and ooo and ahh over all your efforts. You admire the work you've done and happily check one thing off your list.
And then sometimes, something like this happens...
The old, crummy, store-bought shelves give way and send 10+ gallons of paint bursting everywhere! Now we're right back where we started! We now need to reorganize the garage and add/build some new shelves, awesome! PS the two main colors you see on the floor there are for the A.) guest room and B.) Entryway wall. The good news is this accident motivated me a little bit and I've already gone out and repurchased the guest room paint and painted the guest room! YAY! Entryway, you're next!
Do you have a summer checklist?? What's on yours? We better get busy checking things off our list!
Also if you're interested in contributing a guest post here on the blog while I'm gone(I know I'm waaaaay ahead of myself!) I'd love to have you. Or if you're wanting to share your nursery on our Nursery Tour Series, contact me at :)
Melissa Loren

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