Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{Customize Your Very Own Tiny Prints Iphone Case!}

Real quick, before I get into this post, I want to share a few ways to keep in touch with us!!

If you don't have an iphone, be sure to follow us on Bloglovin'.

Of course you can always keep up with us on Facebook as well! :)

Another new one is Feedly! It's a reader, for those who enjoy those!

I am LOVING these personalized iphone cases from Tiny Prints! Once the little one gets here, I'll totally have to order one. I'm really liking the yellow hello case. I'm sure Baby Schartz will look just adorable on my phone case. :) I love that you can upload your own photos, adjust the prints and choose your favorite colors. You should definitely swing by their site and customize your own phone case today! 
Melissa Loren

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