Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{My Favorite Mom & Mommy-To-Be Looks}

More pregnancy posts, I know-I'm sorry!! At least this one is fashion related? Yes? I think it's fair enough. 

It's been pretty fun dressing my baby bump up to this point. I'm still wearing a lot of my normal clothes, only a few things are fitting anymore. Just as before, I love following celebrity fashion trends. So what makes celebrity pregnancy style any different? I can still find inspiration in their outfits. I love how(for the most part) celebrity moms-to-be still wear whatever they want. It makes me feel like I'm not restricted. I'm not stuck wearing maternity clothes or big, baggy clothes. Now, I'm not oblivious to the fact that I will probably at some point be wearing maternity clothes, but until I have to I can feel free to wear what I want. To a certain extent that is! There are some things that pregnant women should never wear and I know that from personal experience. I've still tried to wear some of the things I wore last summer and let me tell ya, it's not pretty!! lol. I like to keep it as classy as possible, while being fashionable. 
These are a few of the celebrities who always keep it on point, whether they're 9 months pregnant or running errands with their toddlers. Mommy-to-be, Rachel Zoe, is THE fashion guru. I cannot get enough of her style. With a toddler and a baby on the way, I'm anxious to see what she does over the next few months! I'll be sure to keep you posted. Halle Berry looks drop dead gorgeous in her LBD and those stilettos. The always chic Dutchess dresses up her bump perfectly every. single. time. And can someone please tell me how Miranda Kerr can make her maxi, tank, sunglasses, hat and boots look that good while carrying around a toddler?? Her outfit plus that side braid is sooo me! Perfection.
I had to add some pics of my girl, J Simp. No one rocks a baby bump quite like her. She's always stunning and always stays on track with her style, which I love!
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 What's your go-to "mommy look?" Are you stylish, comfortable or both?? Who do you think is the best dressed celebrity mom? Tell me you faves! 
Melissa Loren


  1. I love that being pregnant doesn't mean being 'frumpy' anymore. I just love Victoria Beckham, absolutely stunning even late in her pregnancy. And since Rachel Zoe is pregnant again, I can't wait to see what she pulls together :)

  2. I was pregnant in the winter, so what I did was went shopping in my mom's closet and took a bunch of her dresses and just added leggings and some boots. Wa la fashionable maternity cloths.


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