Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sweet Lullabies...

If you can imagine me at my computer, in my sports bra rubbing my belly with one hand and holding a box of tissues in the other, you'll picture exactly what's going on over here. I'm pretty sure Baby Schartz is going to have beats far more gifted than his mom and dad, because as I sit here listening to these lullabies that I want to share with you, he just rocks away inside there.
I have been so overcome by emotions lately. Every teeny little thing triggers a teary well up. So as I listen to these sweet lullabies, wooo(!), I'm about to lose it!
A good friend of mine has been checking in on me all during this pregnancy, offering up any advice or well wishes that she can. Most recently she shared one of her favorite lullabies(Godspeed, video #2!) with me. How sweet, right? Sometimes with all that is going on you forget that you should be reading to your babe in the womb, playing music for him or just talking to him from time to time. I was so thankful that she shared her lullaby with me and reminded me that he's listening in there, to whatever I want him to! :)
It instantly put me in the mood to find some amazing lullabies to share with my little man and then of course, I had to share them with you guys.
I've explained before how Kory and I first met and how it all started with a little country shindig. We love us some country and some of our favorite memories are all thanks to country music. We have listened to the song, Bluebonnets, since we started dating. I've always loved it and thought it was the most precious song ever, but let me tell you...Kory and I went on a road trip a few weeks ago and Bluebonnets popped up on the ol' ipod. Listening to this song while being pregnant, with a BOY, oh man, this song will never be the same again. It has grown with us and our relationship and now our little one,  and so now it holds a much more special place in my heart than before. I hope you have a listen, even if you're not having a little one. All of these songs are absolutely wonderful either way. yes, even the Jay-Z song. Oh yeah, he got some tears out of me too! I stumbled across the #3 video on another blog that I read and I just thought it was perfect for this short list! Anyway, have a listen and tell me your favorite!

If you have any lullabies that you adore, PLEASE share them!! I'm excited to get this baby listening to some music! I hop you enjoyed these!
Melissa Loren 


  1. Great picks! We love non-traditional songs. This one brings tears to my eyes every single time.

    And we love "From this Valley" by the Civil Wars - that has been my song for Addie.

    Love "Go to sleep my little baby" - an old tune, in Oh Brother Where Are Thou

    And have been wanting to get my hands on all of Elizabeth Mitchelle's stuff. - You are my little bird, etc.


  2. :) any song his mama sings will be his favorite!


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