Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Fun!

These are a few pics from several weekends combined. Pics that I haven't had time to put up. This past weekend we enjoyed a little time with out niece and nephew. They stayed over for a sleepover. Kory's brother and his family are moving 4 hours away from us, so we're soaking up whatever time we can in these last few weeks. They currently live about 6 minutes away from us, so it will be quite the change. We're a little sad, but we're so happy for them. They're moving to the lake, who would ever be unhappy about that?! I'll refrain from typing anything else, for fear of getting to emotional. :)
I think Tego will be just fine with Baby Schartz :)
Making their own pizzas!
Seriously though, avocado and cream cheese rolls are where it's at!
I'll explain this one later...
Melissa Loren 

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