Friday, August 9, 2013

{Baby Schartz: Week 27}

How far along?: 27 weeks
Total weight gain?: 8.5lbs.
Size of baby?: Baby Schartz is the size of a Rutabaga!
Maternity clothes?: No, still squeezing into everything. 

Stretch marks?: Nooooo! Please stay away!!
Sleep?: I'm a zombie. Being a zombie seems semi-permanent at this point. It's truly sad, because I love my sleep. :(
Best moment this week: I've started sitting in the nursery to read to Baby Schartz and I just really enjoy it. I like to think that we're bonding a little bit more each night.
Miss Anything?: I don't miss it yet, but I fear the end is nearing for my leg-shaving abilities. I'm trying to enjoy these last few chances that I have. Good thing I'll be having this baby when it's cold out. You know what that means ladies, noooo leg shaving!! WHOOP!
Movement?: Of course! My little munchkin is twerkin' it in there. Bed time is when I feel him the absolute most, but I feel him all throughout the day. I'm going to miss these sweet kicks so much.
Food cravings: Still nothing, womp womp. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?: I think the heat is and sometimes the pains I have(hip, back, cramps and reflux) are so intense that they make my stomach churn. I just keep trucking along though!
Gender: Baby BOY!! 
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: What symptoms don't I have?? Some moments I feel VERY pregnant. I feel like an old woman haha. Aches and pains are a sure sign that my body is changing!
Belly button in or out?: In :) 
Wedding rings on or off?: On :)
Happy or moody most of the time?: Happy! I could cry just thinking about meeting him and holding him tight in my arms!!
Looking forward to: We have our first two week appointment coming up, I always look forward to hearing his heartbeat. We also have a breastfeeding class coming up. It's so weird to me that I'm excited for that, but I totally am. I want to be as prepared as possible and be the best that I can! I'm determined to breastfeed, so this class will be a step in the right direction! 

At this point in my pregnancy, I feel like this experience is going to be over so soon. I've enjoyed it so much that I really will miss it. I want to savor these last few months. He'll be here before we know it and no longer in the safety of my belly. Ahhh!! And then I'll be up breastfeeding in the middle of the night and attempting to change cloth diapers at all hours of the day and staring at the baby monitor for hours upon hours and I'll be away from work. Away from work. All I know is work. You guys. I think I might be getting ready to have a mental breakdown as I type this. EVERYTHING is about to change. I need some ice cream.

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