Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hey guys! I don't have a new post for you today. I worked in the kitchen all day yesterday and then served at night. I laid in bed last night with terrible hip pain and the worst leg cramps ever! The cramps were so weird. Have you ever had a leg cramp in your shin instead of your calf? If these where shin splints(which I've had before), then they were out of this world! Anywhere here's a couple of things that I wanted to share AND an old DIY from yours truly!
You DO NOT want to miss this trunk show, if you're a local! Hello Cheeseburger has some of my favorite jewelry and who wouldn't love a day at the plaza with the girls?! Get on facebook and check out all of the deets! I'll be there too! Hee :)
ALSO, Lacy of LIVING ON LOVE is giving away a beautiful necklace!
PLUS have you seen her post for Disney Baby, "14 Blogs That Every Mama Should Be Reading?" We made the cut! :)
And here's my oldie but goodie...
Materials needed:
A cute pair of flats(I already had mine)
Black fabric paint
A paint brush
Painters tape
 Step 1. Tape off your "cap" area. Be sure the tape is nice and snug and lined just the way you want it!
Step 2. Paint your tips! Try not to get too much paint on your brush or the shoe, that way it doesn't bleed through your tape! We want crisp lines here!
Step 3. Let paint dry. Mine dried for about 2 hours, I don't think they needed that long though!
 Step 4. ENJOY! Wear your flats everywhere!
These are the perfect Spring time accessory! How fun would it be to do a neon cap?? I think a bold neon pink cap would have been so cute on these nude flats. The good news is, if I want to try it, I still can! It would also be fun to get some metallic paint to go for a more dressy look. If my shoes were patent I would have tried a metallic-I don't if I wouldn't done silver or gold, they'd both look great. This project honestly took me like 20 minutes and I love the little twist the cap adds! I think I'll do heels next!

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