Sunday, August 4, 2013

In the Nursery With...

I'm so excited to share our second nursery in the "Nursery Tour" series! I'm eager to share this particular nursery for the fact that it's a coed nursery, accommodating both a toddler boy and an infant baby girl! I've often wondered what we will do if/when we decide to have a second child, so I thought this would surely be helpful to someone! Please enjoy, and thank you so much Kristel!
Hi! I’m Kristel and I blog over at Glowing Light. I’m so excited for Melissa to become a mommy. The girl has style and I’m sure the nursery she creates for her little man will be precious. I’m not going to lie, one of the most exciting parts about becoming a mom is designing a nursery. When we first created a nursery for my son it was my favorite room in the house. Then we found out we were having another baby...and that baby was going to be a girl. Panic set in. We didn’t have an extra room for the baby which meant our two littles would need to share a room. So how do you make that work? A toddler boy and a baby girl sharing one room? We accepted the challenge and while it’s not absolutely perfect, it’s still my favorite room in the house.

We stuck with neutral colors in the room - gray, white, green, and yellow. We didn’t want to buy another crib so we got Liam a twin sized bed from Ikea. Isabel inherited his crib and bedding. We turned Liam’s old storage bench into a mini-library and bought another storage bench from Ikea to hold all the kids toys. I love the Jenny Lind crib we have so we got a matching changing table to hold all the diapers, bibs, blankets, etc. We got a fancy schmancy closet system from Home Depot to hold all the kids clothing. I absolutely love it. Organization is my thing. The curtains aren’t my favorite but they keep the light out which helps Liam sleep longer (he’s a notorious early riser) so they’re staying whether they look good or not. Some fun art and pictures on the wall bring it all together. We still don’t have any with Isabel...whoops! We’ll have to update our family photos soon.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed taking a peak into our home. Please visit us over at Glowing Light to keep up with us. And congratulations once again to Melissa and Kory on their baby boy. 
Pretty awesome, right? I love how they took on the challenge of a coed nursery!
PS: I LOVE that guitar rug!
You can find more from the lovely Kristel over at her blog, Glowing Light!
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