Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{Packing for Delivery Day}

I don't know what the rush is, or why my mind is panicking a bit, but all I can think about is how this babe will be here in about 2.5 months. (!!!!) Isn't that mind blowing? I feel like time is just laughing at me. Our house is a wreck. Everything is everywhere. (I plan to completely clean and organize it before the baby gets here. Including buying a bunch of storage tubs to neatly store crafts, decor and other odds and ends. HA.) The nursery isn't finished. The important things are ready, but the details aren't quite ready. I want it to be finished before I become too uncomfortable to do anything. The point is, there's a lot to do in what seems like a little bit of time. One thing I'd like to at least start thinking about and planning for, is our delivery day needs. I thought I'd put together a little list of what I think I need. I am hoping that this will be helpful to someone orrrr that you guys can pitch in and give me your input! I'd love to know if you think I'm missing something or if there is something that I'll never need the day of! Here's what I have so far...

  • Nursing bra
  • Nursing pillow
  • Nursing pads?
  • Breast pump, do I need this?
  • Robe?
  • Slippers
  • Socks! I love my socks! I'm the weirdo who sleeps in them! :)
  • Toiletries
  • Pads?
  • Hair tie and clip
  • Pillow
  • Wash cloths? 
  • Gum
  • Change of clothes
  • Going home outfit for me and my little bebe!
  • Baby Schartz's little bear hat
  • Diapers. Here's one place where I definitely need answers. Do I take my cloth diapers? Or will I need to buy newborn disposables? Do I need to worry about the umbilical cord?
  • Pen and paper(Thank you, Lacy!)
  • Baby book for foot prints, does the hospital do that? Allow that?
  • Booties/socks/mittens
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Guestbook 
  • Camera/video
  • Music?
  • Laptop
  • Phones
  • Chargers
  • Paperwork, birth plan, and insurance card
  • Snacks! A mini cooler! 
Ok, did I miss anything?? Please tell me, I LOVE to be prepared. It's kind of my thing
Melissa Loren


  1. The hospital will provide you with most of these things. Like pads, they actually gave me throw away underwear too. You don't want to ruin your own.
    Diapers they give you ALL the diapers you will need for the little guy, wipes too. We actually took all the left overs when we went home.
    Snacks, I'm sure you can take your own but our hospital had a room for Richard and the Grandma's to go in and eat and drink whatever they liked. Also Richard got 1 free meal a day from the cafe.
    Your list is great!! You are very well organized!

  2. Pads - don't worry they will give you these huge ones, don't waste yours.
    Diapers- I wouldn't cloth diaper until after the umbilical cord comes off. Hospital will give you some to take home, I suggest Pampers Swaddlers.
    Breast Pump - they have them in hospital so don't bother.
    Snacks - good idea but there's usually a dad lounge with stuff like coke machines, etc.

  3. Haha, don't mean to laugh but you have WAY too much on this list. Wear your nursing bra and and bring a pillow if you wish. The hospital will literally have everything else. No need for a pump or diapers or any of that other stuff. Your milk won't come in till after you leave anyway. :) You need a small bag with the essentials for you. :)


  4. Just a thought, hospital floors gross me out, so I took a pair of flip flops to wear in the shower, because a shower afterwards is scary and heavenly at the same time!

  5. I just found your blog and it is so cute! I'm 29 weeks, such just a little ahead of you with our first (a boy). My SIL gave birth last fall and gave me a whole list of items to take with me to the hospital; the one thing that I remember sticking out in my mind is that she suggested I bring a dress to go home in because if you end up having a c-section then I guess the incision is KILLER with anything that has a waist band. She also recommended granny panties and pads...totally gross, but you know, giving birth isn't exactly all puppy dogs and rainbows.

    Nice Lil Saturday

  6. Lacy is so right, this list is way more than you'll need (not to mention way more than you want to be hauling to and from the car, even though that's hubby's job).

    Here is my list of essentials: nursing bra (wear it), comfy dress you can nurse in as a homecoming outfit for you, a small bag of mini toiletries & hair tie, a SIMPLE going home outfit for baby (they'll wear the hospital hat home, nothing else will likely fit them yet), one baby blanket (not swaddles), camera and whatever electronics you want (sometimes it's a little boring in early labor, I liked having a laptop to waste time on).

    The hospital is going to provide you with pretty much everything you need: diapers, wipes, swaddle and onesie for baby, washcloths and towels, pads, disposable underwear, pillows (though it's nice to have one of your own in recovery), pens, snacks, and probably more I've forgotten about. Also, they usually have all your paperwork and insurance on file already if you do birthing classes at your hospital or you can pre-register for birth so you don't have any more paperwork to fill out when you get there.

    One more little note on snacks, you don't get to eat them while in labor (except for jello). The best is to get someone to bring you food in recovery, like a pizza or waffles or whatever full hearty meal you desire post-birth, plus any snacks you want. You can eat up while your food-bearer holds the baby. ;)

  7. I really only needed my camera, clothes to go home in for both the baby and myself and the carseat.


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