Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We're the Lucky Ones

This past Saturday I was sitting around a table hanging out with my husband, his buddy and my dad. I sat there and listened as they discussed athlete after athlete over beer after beer. They were basking in the glory of their successful golf tournament that day. 
As the evening went on and the men got manlier, I sat there and rubbed my belly as Baby Schartz danced and kicked away. My dad noticed me rubbing my belly and asked if he was kicking. I responded with a simple yes and a smile. Kory immediately starting rubbing my belly, hoping for a feel. When that happened, Kory's buddy said, "Isn't that weird?" He was referring to the life moving about inside me. Without a chance to respond, his buddy said to him, "Man we're the lucky ones, we don't have to deal with any of the stuff that women do!" 
I wasn't offended, this isn't a rant, so don't be confused. I felt bad. I felt bad for the fact that they will never know what this feeling is like and how much love and protection goes into growing a child. I told him that he can think that and for some it might be true, but this is seriously the coolest thing I've ever done and they are the ones  missing out! Kory said he was so happy that I felt that way. But how can I not?! My body is doing the miraculous. 
We continued to talk about all of the interesting things that are going on inside of me. We explained to Kory's buddy and my dad that the baby has eyelashes and is blinking and can even hear and recognize familiar voices. My dad was fascinated by the fact that the baby could hear him! He leaned into my belly and said, "Can you hear me little buddy, it's your granddad!!" Moments like that make this so very special. Moments spent in the nursery, reading to my son, as Tego stands there with her head rested on my belly. Kory's hands on my belly as he kneels down to kiss my belly while we're working on the nursery. Feeling what could possibly be a foot or a knee pressed up snug against my belly. Waking up to the soft drum of kicks from my baby boy. Having the love and support of my spouse in a way that I never did before. Knowing that what I eat, drink and do effect the life inside me. It is my job to keep this growing baby safe and happy. It's my responsibility and my joy, no one else's. 
All of it. All of it is a miracle.
I would never wish this away, nor will I ever take it for granted. We're the lucky ones.
Melissa Loren


  1. completely agree...we are the little ones...I always try to remember that my girls are the only people in the world who know my heart from inside out, that's why they have such a tight grip on me :)

  2. I don't know how I found your blog but I enjoy checking in and seeing your progress as I am 30 weeks pregnant also. I agree with this post 100%, and as excited as I am to have this baby soon, I will miss the kicking the most. It is an amazing experience that men will never get. We ARE the lucky ones :)

  3. Love this! Some women may not agree, but I feel the same way about Labor :)


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