Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{A Night At the "K"}

We had such an awesome night at the Kansas City Royals game last night. It was our first game all season. This was our first year that we broke our Schartz Tradition of going to opening day. We were newly pregnant during opening day and we hadn't told anyone yet. We decided it was best to just skip the game rather than try to hide that we were pregnant. We knew our friends would know something was up if they saw me not drinking. This is one of our few traditions as a couple, so it was sad to miss it, but obviously totally worth it AND last night more than made up for it. We started off with batting practice, which I'd done before, but not from the field! On the way down to the field we got a tour of what goes on behind the scenes and we passed Billy Butler heading back to the locker room. We also passed Justin Maxwell, who was sweet enough to tell me congratulations when he saw me holding my belly! :) Down on the field we were able to meet Alex Gordon, Ned Yost, Jason Giambi(for the Indians) and Terry Francona(Coach of the Indians). We were also able to get fly balls and get have autographed. Pretty cool. Afterwards, we were shown to our seats...in the press box suite, this was so nice since it was super chilly and misty all night. To top the night off, WIllie Wilson(a royals hall of famer) came to visit us in our suite. He signed copies of his book for Baby Schartz, as well as a baseball we had snagged from batting practice. He compared baseball now to baseball back when he played, which I hope to blog about soon as well. 
It was an incredible night, full of firsts for our little family. It was a nice, sort of,  "end of pregnancy" gift. Here's way too many pics for you to check out...
Melissa Loren

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