Monday, September 30, 2013

{Birthday Wish List}

OCTOBER!!!! My favorite month of the year! Probably because it's my birthday month and will most likely be my son's birthday month. :) It's also the weather, the festivities and fashion, of course! With all of the new fall fashion coming out, I have the itch to get out and shop!! However, with baby on the way, I'm resisting the urge. I did very well this summer on training myself that you don't always have to have the next big thing. Cutting back has been tough, but there is a little guy that is much bigger and much more special than any article of clothing coming my way and that's my focus. With that being said, I can still make a bday wish list and hope that my mom or my husband or someone sees it! Right? Haha. Anyway, here's my birthday fashion picks...

Palazzo Pants(burgundy)
I'm kind of obsessed with this too!
This, too. :) 
I can't stop. I'm addicted to boots.

Melissa Loren

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