Tuesday, September 10, 2013

{Fall Favorites}

I'll probably do another post similar to this, buuuut here's the start of my fall favorites! Am I the only one who starts getting super dry in the fall and winter months?? Coconut oil is amaze for keeping moisturized! 
I have them on the blog this time every year, but tall boots are a MUST for this time of year. This year I'm craving an over the knee boot, but this year they must be flats. I'm going to be busy with a baby boy, I won't have time for the heels--for now. 
Quilting is huge this fall. I fully intend on relying on leggings during this last month or so of my pregnancy. Quilted leggings will be perfect for the cooler temps that are (hopefully) ahead of us. If you're not into the leggings, try a quilted handbag or a quilted dress! 
Statement earrings never go out of style, but this fall they're all the rage. These Hello Cheeseburger earrings are the perfect fall colors!
Loose braids are the perfect transition from summer to fall. Keep them slightly messy and untamed for an effortless look.
Animal print, for me, has to be minimal, just a touch here and a touch there. These flats will be added to my fall wardrobe immediately. Again, I love the fact that they're flats and the ankle strap adds the perfect hint of sophistication. 
I think I always have gold nails on the blog, but I love gooooold! And this Floss Gloss "Stun" color looks legit!
You guys, it's practically fall and I'm practically about to have a baby. Fall has always been my favorite season and now it will be even more. I'm so looking forward to what this season has to offer. 
Melissa Loren

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