Monday, September 23, 2013

{There's So Much Going On}

I promise, every day I plan to tackle blogging, like really tackle it. Just like I used to. I used to spend hours planning and working on posts. I always plan to do this and definitely want to, but it's tough these days. It seems like things just keep popping up and preventing me from really spending any legitimate amount of time on my blog. You know, silly things like putting together a stroller, washing baby clothes with non-scented detergent and cleaning the house from top to bottomus, because soon we won't have time for these things. What else won't we have time for? Dates. Time alone. I'm sure I don't even know the half of what we won't have time for. My point is, my due date is drawing nearer. My time to get things done around here, or just plain relax, is running out. I'm sure between work and our last few appointments and classes, time will FLY by. I can't help but scour this house looking for things to finish up or organize. So, since I have this ridiculous gut feeling that this baby boy is going to arrive early, things might be a little sparse around here because I really want to be as prepared as possible. Haha, I make myself laugh. Prepared? I'll try anyway! Birth class tomorrow night, weekly appointment Wednesday and 35 weeks on Friday! Phew, let's do this!
OH! Also, we're now tackling baby sign language(thanks to our good friends), so throw that into the mix as well! :)

I'd still love to collect a few guest posts! Contact me if you would like to share a post here on LLJ&J! I'm looking for nursery posts, recipes, DIYs, or posts on being/becoming a parent! Email me at!
Melissa Loren 

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