Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{I'm Ready}

Can we talk for a minute, about how much I love fall? I love everything about the season. The weather, the colors, football, all of it. Today I had a coupon in the mail for a local pumpkin patch. It got me all sorts of excited. Pumpkins, corn mazes, apple cider and more. What's not to love about the auntumn season? Did I mention that it holds my birthday as well? Good ol October, go libras! ;) 
But what has me really excited this fall, is the arrival of our baby boy. I can't believe we're just weeks away from meeting him. I'm totally excited that he could be here in October, just like his momma. Yesterday at our appointment the doctor told us that after next week he wouldn't stop the baby from coming if he decided to make his big debut. It was crazy exciting to hear that, but also a bit overwhelming. WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS!! This little wiggle worm who has been taking up all the space in my tummy, will be in my arms before I know it. It's all becoming very real. I need to start finishing my "before baby to-do list." And I need to mentally prepare myself to leave work. We NEED to start and finish our birth classes!!
We have so much to do, but I'm not stressin', it will all fall into place. 
Did you know that this time of year has brought us so many magical memories? We started dating in late September, we were in engaged the following October and we wed the following Novemeber. We celebrated our one year anniversary in Vail last November and this fall we will be welcoming our little boy. I really do love fall. I can't wait to share this wonderful time of year with our baby! After next week, I'm ready when you are baby!

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