Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lets reflect a little bit, shall we? Remember that checklist I made? I thought I'd share what we've finished, what we haven't AND what I've added! Ha!
We knocked out 1 and 2, I even dressed the guest room up a bit while I was at it. It's still not done, it needs some more artwork and a bookshelf, but it's a lot prettier now. Hopefully our guests that come visit when the baby arrives, will find it comfortable! 
We did our maternity photos. You can see those here
We haven't painted our front entryway. We'll blame that one on grandpa because we need him to do it since the ceiling is so high. 
As for #6(the spare bath), the tub is decorated. I can't decide if I want to completely decorate it for him or let our guests still be able to semi-enjoy the space? What do you think?
Well we can't decorate the front entryway without painting it first!  
The garage is more in order than it was. We took all of the paint to the dump and got everything fairly organized. I feel like we're the kind of people that will always have a hopeless garage. It's just not in the cards for us. I'm ok with it. 
Hang pics in the upstairs hall, hmmm...I'll say I'm waiting for baby to arrive. Yes, I'm waiting for the baby to arrive so the hall can be filled with pics of him! :) 
I actually did organize my crafts into bins, now if we could only do that with Kory's hunting supplies and all of our seasonal decor! EEEK! 
I've gathered a fair amount of guest posts and I am tremendously excited and thankful for them! I'll gladly accept more posts, though! Send them my way!
Clearly may baby shower has come and gone, so we can check that off of the list and you can see those pics here.
Ok so here's what I'd like to finish and collect before this baby makes his debut:
Our birthing classes-tonight is our last class!
Our meeting with a potential pediatrician-I definitely regret waiting so long on this one!
Our appointment to have the car seat installed properly-you know, just incase!
Baby hangers
More frames
Trash can
Crib skirt
Breast pump-dern insurance is a pain.
Nursing supplies
Swaddle sacks
Yesterday I went to Target and loaded up. It's like I'm preparing for the snowpocalypse or something.  For some reason I have it in my head that I won't be leaving this house for weeks. So any necessities that we might run out of, I've already gathered.
Now, all I need is bangs...according to Lacy! :)
Am I missing anything??
Melissa Loren


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