Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{New Mom Essentials}

I'm sure my idea of what a new mom needs is slightly off. Once I become a new mom I might laugh at this post, but we'll see. For now, here are some of the things I think a new mom might need or enjoy!

What about a little "push" gift? I love these gold letter necklaces. I went with S for our last name, so you can't guess ;)
Oats for breastfeeding mommas. My plan is to eat oats every morning for breakfast and maybe a midday snack. Oats help with your milk supply.

I don't know yet if i'll need this cream, but some new moms will. It's an all natural product that helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

I LOVE NAKED JUICE. It's always been great for when I'm on the go or in a big hurry. These will be so nice to have on hand when little man gets here.

I'm sure I will be a FREAK about keep myself and my kid clean. These Bath and Boy Work travel sanitizers are the best. This Halloween set is 5 bucks and it's so cute. They also have yummy fall set! I figured since he's due around Halloween, I'd sure these cuties.
I've been searching high and low for the best post-pregnancy belly wrap. Trust me, it's not only for slimming down. They are used to help squeeze your organs back into their original positions and to help with contractions while you're breastfeeding. This one is a little pricey at $90, but I've been told that any of these wraps are totally worth it. I like this one because it comes highly recommended, the corset is adjustable and it works the thighs. 
Facial cleanser? So lame, right? My current cleanser is awful, it is making my face so dry and that is completely unnecessary. I want something that will take off my makeup and still be gentle on my face. OR, since I probably won't have much time for makeup, I want something that will keep my skin looking flawless-not dry. Especially in the winter. 

Are there any items that you wouldn't have been able to survive without once your peanut was born? Or any items that you don't regret indulging in? I'd love to hear. I plan to revisit this post once I'm actually a new mom. I'd like to see if I actually enjoyed or needed any of these items!
Until then...
Melissa Loren


  1. I never knew that about oats! Interesting! My must haves? Lots of water... BANGS, dry shampoo, ergo or some kind of baby carrier...

  2. I think your ideas are essential. :) Thankfully my tummy went down rather quickly and I didn't have stretch marks but I'm probably like smallest percentage of women on that. I definitely eat oatmeal everyday just about...they say it helps with milk production. I've never really had a supply issue. I think that moms who stick to just breast are less likely to have supply issues. Pumping doesn't get the milk out fully like baby can so I tend to hear more issues with supply overtime from women who have to pump often. :(



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