Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{Nursery Tour: Ranching Style}

Today I'm sharing the cutest cattle ranching nursery there ever was! Sit back and enjoy! 
*Thank you Natalie for sharing this lovely space*

Can you guess a theme here?  We are a ranching family raising our first little boy. He is 15 months old and every bit the little cowboy his room suggests! 
 We recently moved from a house where our sons crib and changing table were all that fit in his room so this has been a huge upgrade for him! I wanted to create a room that was totally accessible for him. All his books and toys are at his level and all the lower level drawers are things he can get into. I also put his play area in front of the door so I can peak in at him while his crib is on an outer wall to minimize any noise while sleeping. My favorite pieces are our cow painting by Simply Devine Art and Photography and our Big Zeke rocking horse that was a gift from my very best friend. This is the cleanest and most organized this room will ever be. In fact, captain destructo is pulling out every book as a write this! 
Best regards, 
Natalie Hoagland 

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