Thursday, October 24, 2013

{Baby Schartz: 38 Weeks}

How far along?: 38 weeks 
Total weight gain?: 20 lbs.
Size of baby?: Baby Schartz is the size of a Pumpkin!
Maternity clothes?: Still haven't bough a maternity piece. Yoga pants, leggings, dresses, maxi skirts and palazzo pants for this lady! 
Stretch Marks?: Actually, yes. I'm starting to get a few faint marks around my belly button. Sad day. :(
Sleep?: Tossing and turning and contractions and leg cramps are just a regular ol thing, so I'm used to sleep being rough and inconsistent. 
Best moment this week: I'd say this week it was going to the doctor and spending a day shopping with my mom. The doctor was basically awful(my doc is out of town), but it was nice to get an idea of where my body is at this point. Nothing has changed for me yet, we're playing the waiting game.
Miss Anything?: I really miss being able to bend over without it being a strain. It's so painful to bend over. You feel like you're squishing the baby too. Blah, it's just not fun.
Movement?: Ha, YES. I wish I had new words to explain how incredibly awesome and crazy it is to see this child move around in my belly. Even Kory is blown away by the things he sees. It's basically amazing.
Food cravings: No, but I am eating everything in sight and I do mean everything!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Not this week.
Gender: A camo-wearing, dirt-eating, momma-loving baby boy! :)
Labor signs: Contractions. Nesting. Cramps. Back pain.
Symptoms: All the craziness from last week is still hanging around. But really, what's with my hands feeling like they have arthritis?? Has anyone else ever experienced this?? I wanted to ask my doctor, but he's out of town so I'll have to wait until next week. It's painful though.
Belly button in or out?: It's still even, but it's trying to poke out. Ewwwie!
Wedding rings on or off?: Off! Permanently off now. My finger feels naked.
Happy or moody most of the time?: Happy, so happy I can't stand it! I am patiently waiting for this babe to make his grand entry into this world, into our world. I want to know so much, what will he look like? What will he be like? How much will he weigh? What will his first sound be? A coo? A cry? The other night Kory and I got on one of those mashup websites that combines our photos to show us what our baby will look like. BAHAHAHA. Don't do it! It's a terrible idea. LOL. I saved the picture, juuuuust incase...
Looking forward to: Halloweeeeeeen!!! Halloween is our due date(because we're actually 39 weeks). Other than be on high alert, I fully plan to gorge on candy, lots and lots of candy, watch HOCUS POCUS and snuggle my two little love bugs. It's going to be a glorious night! Can I get an AMEN?!
Melissa Loren

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