Thursday, October 31, 2013

{Baby Schartz: Week 39}

How far along?: 39 weeks 
Total weight gain?: 21 lbs.
Size of baby?: Baby Schartz is the size of a Watermelon!
Maternity clothes?: No, I still fit my leggings and I had a lot of long shirts already, so I still haven't bought any maternity pieces yet. 
Stretch Marks?: Yes, a few right around my belly button. :( They're pretty faint so I'm hoping they won't get worse in these last few days. 
Sleep?: I have been WAY too antsy to sleep. I've had some back pains/menstrual  cramp feelings that have kept me up through the night as well. 
Best moment this week: Sitting around the dinner table, chatting with our friends about life, labor and what we're about to endeavor. Having good friends just makes life a little sweeter. 
Miss Anything?: I'm so ready for a glass of wine and to not be 20lbs heavier than normal! Oh and the arthritis hands can go away. 
Movement?: Of course :) My Mexican jumping bean. 
Food cravings: I may go this entire pregnancy without a craving!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: No, yippee!
Gender: A momma's boy! 
Labor signs: CONTRACTIONS.  Nesting. Cramps. Back pain. 
Symptoms: Arthritis in my hands. I've had leg cramps all this week again, I hate them! I've been tired, too. I love nap time. 
Belly button in or out?: It has stayed even!
Wedding rings on or off?: Off! Permanently off now. My finger feels naked.
Happy or moody most of the time?: Happy! We've passed our due date! Without a doubt this baby will be here in no more than 10 days! I will be a momma and I'll get to fall in love with Kory all over again, as he falls in love with our son. That's happiness at it's best. 
Looking forward to: A sonogram we have scheduled for Monday. It's a BPP sonogram. Since we'll be past our due date it's purpose is to check the baby's vitals and the amount of amniotic fluid. Doc just wants to make sure babe is safe in there, that way we can determine our next move!

That's that for this week! Currently, I'm watching The Great Pumpkin and still holding out hope that this babe will come on his due date!
Melissa Loren

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