Monday, October 21, 2013

{Baby Update}

Well we had an appointment with the OB today. It was our 38 week appointment. For the first time we had to see a different doctor. My doc is in Napa sipping on all the wine he can get his hands on. Fancy. Must be nice. While I'm over here all like can I just meet my baby already?! You could toss a glass of wine in there too!

I have a male OB, which I never thought I'd enjoy. I love him though. I had to see a woman today and let me say that she was not gentle, not one bit. Apparently she has forgotten what it feels like to be a pregnant woman. I'm definitely thankful for my doctor. He's so kind and gentle!

The fill-in assured me that my cervix was still closed and that I'd most likely still be pregnant when my doctor gets back next week. Womp womp. She also informed me that they've been letting a lot of moms go all the way to 41 or 42 weeks. WHAT?! WHY?! And whhyyyy did she tell me that?! She also said she hopes that the hospital isn't on diversion when I go into labor. Let me remind you that diversion is when the hospital in overbooked with laboring moms, so they ship them off to other hospitals! GREAT, just great. Haha. 

I know, I'm whiney! I'm just anxious. I'm ready to meet this little boy. I've been contemplating some of the old wives tales for inducing labor naturally. So far all I've done is read about them. I'm not quite ready to actually go forth with trying any of them. Actually, reading them makes me a bit nervous haha. I guess that's a pretty good sign that I'm not 100% ready yet, but my impatience is definitely wearing on me. 

I'll try to just sit back and relax. Less than 2 weeks! Ahhh!! Is anyone else out there with me and totally anxious?!

Melissa Loren 

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