Thursday, October 17, 2013

{Birthday Festivities}

I promise, no more mention of my birthday after this post! :) 
Here's a few too many pics of my birthday festivities...
My husband was a huge sweetie and took me out to a fancy dinner last weekend. We had apps, delicious main courses and dessert of course. He also surprised me with that lovely gift I shared with you yesterday. :)
Saturday night my girlfriends and I went out for a little sushi dinner(veggie for me). We sat there for hours catching up and talking about the upcoming arrival of this sweet little boy. I am so thankful for all of the beautiful women in my life. They've each touched me in a different way and I love them so very much.
Born to be prom big deal.
My cousin, me and Natalie.
My beautiful cousin and myself!
All of the girls!
On my actual birthday I did NOTHING. It was fabulous. I didn't shower, I didn't leave my house, all I did was relax. The Kansas City Chiefs got a BIG win, which was a nice little treat. Monday night my mom, my brother's girl friend and my friend Nat planned a surprise party for me at our restaurant. Sneaky little devils! My mom cooked my favorite meal for everyone and we had an awesome photo booth! My friend Kelly made me that awesome wreath above ^^ I bought a Christmas one similar to it a few years ago at the HolidayMart and I love it. It's so awesome to have a fall one!
This little one loved the photo booth and was a dancing machine!
 Me and Carl! She got me that awesome jacket for my birthday!
 I got a special birthday wish from this little man.
Everyone loves a photo booth!
 I was missing an adult beverage this birthday. I'll admit, I'm ready for a glass of wine or a fancy cocktail. I can't wait to get our bar cart in order for the holidays.
I had a wonderful 26th birthday. I did it all. I relaxed, I ate, I was pampered and I was surprised. Thank you to all who helped me celebrate or sent me well wishes. It meant the world.
Melissa Loren

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  1. I am SO happy your birthday was better this year than last!! :) you deserve the BEST! You have a HUGE support system and we all LOVE YOU! :) YAY for 26...the best is yet to come my dear!!


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