Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{GUEST POST: It’s A Miracle: My Journey to Mommyhood – Part 1}

It’s a miracle. Childbirth, becoming a parent, holding your baby in your arms for that first moment is life changing. I never truly understood the intensity of feelings I would experience giving birth and witnessing the life my husband and I created. Once my baby boy was placed in my arms early on Thanksgiving morning last year, the dam of emotions gave way. I was speechless. I was awestruck. A rollercoaster of feelings swept through me; I rode through joy, gratitude, love, wonder, thankfulness, apprehension, and a mountain of feelings I can’t put into words. I was uncertain of what the days ahead had in store for me, but I felt the determination to be the best mommy I could be.  
As a first time mommy-to-be, I had the typical worries and fears. I worried about what labor and childbirth would feel like, if my baby would be healthy, how I would soothe his crying, if he’d be able to latch on and nurse. The never-ending questions I had could only be answered and solved once my little man arrived. Mommy instinct would take over. Of course I had the usual fears about informing my workplace of my news and how they would treat me, how my husband and I would adjust our life to include our new baby’s needs, and how we would manage financially.  The apprehension I felt was all balanced out by my excitement of all things baby! I couldn’t wait to have my little man in my arms to kiss, to soothe his cries, to tell him stories, and make him laugh.
I’d like to say that I enjoyed my pregnancy and loved being pregnant to the fullest extent possible. But it wasn’t a picture perfect pregnancy. It was a tough job for this mama. I had an aversion to most foods so I ate whatever tasted good. Yes, I was nauseous for quite some time too. To top it off, I found out that I had gestational diabetes, which required a complete change in my diet. Yes, that’s what it felt like, that I was on a diet. I had to limit my intake of certain foods and prick my finger four times a day to check my blood sugar levels. And finally to top off my journey, I was admitted to the hospital twice and finally, put on bed rest for pre-term labor at 29 weeks. This required frequent medication so I was constantly setting an alarm to wake up and take pills. This mommy business was tough stuff!
But I’d do it all over again to be rewarded with the same outcome, a beautiful, healthy baby! Knowing that I was the vessel for this tiny little human being encouraged me to do whatever had to be done to protect my son. He gave me the will and motivation to take care of myself in order to shelter him. That was one of the first of many maternal responsibilities I would have.  
After all that bed rest, my son decided that he couldn’t wait any longer to meet us. My water broke the day before Thanksgiving and he arrived three weeks early, on Thanksgiving. We were blessed with a healthy and perfect baby boy! What a gift! After a pregnancy like this, what else was in store for us?! My husband and I couldn’t wait to find out!
Stay tuned to hear more about my first-time mommy experiences!
xo Chrissy

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