Monday, October 14, 2013

{Life Lately, in iPhone Photos}

Here's just a few iPhone photos of what's been happening around here. 
I finally cleaned my makeup brushes. Once they start making you break out, it's a sure sign that they should be washed!
We were given this awesome diaper wreath by a good friend. It's fun to have it hanging on baby boy's door. 
A while ago I got the cradle setup next to my side of the bed. It's patiently awaiting the arrival of it's guest. 
Stocked up on dry shampoo, I'm loving this one. 
We have this groegg in the nursery and it's supposed to monitor the temperature of the room for you. I snapped a pic because this was the first time we had a smiley face and not a sad face. Oops. 
My little princess. 
18 weeks vs. 34 weeks. I wouldn't dare post a photo now. :/
I love Fall!
I've been shopping for my babes. 
Each time I have labor symptoms, I find myself reading the details from our birth book. 
Seriously, she owns the place. 
I have a feeling that I'll cling to this carton in a few weeks. Do you still need decaf when breastfeeding?? You do, don't you?? Dang it! 

Anyway, I hope fall has started out this wonderful for you all!
Melissa Loren 

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