Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{Weekend Fun+A Catch Up}

Hey friends! Sorry I'm so sketchy with the blog lately. Obviously I have a few other things on my mind. I'm really trying to use my time wisely, but sometimes that means just sitting on the couch and relaxing! Can you blame me? Anyway, here's the scoop with what's been happening lately...
I'm due on Thursday. Thursday marks 40 weeks. I have an appointment tomorrow(Wednesday) and I'm really hoping we learn something at our appointment. For multiple reasons, I really don't want to go too far past 40 weeks. So say a little prayer for us!! Yesterday I ate nearly an entire pineapple in hopes of pushing along labor, the only thing that stopped me from finishing it was fear of indulging in too much sugar. It didn't help. Also, on Saturday we went out to our friend's ranch and they cooked us a fabulous meal full of eggplant. Natalie cooked us an eggplant stacker with goat cheese(pasteurized), roasted red pepper and asparagus, eggplant rollatini(ohmygosh!!), and chicken parmesan. The meal was seriously incredible. I confessed to Natalie that I'd never had eggplant before, but that I LOVED it. She's a tremendous cook, so hopefully it wasn't a fluke. Eggplant is another one of those "labor inducing super foods." It didn't work either. This baby is perfectly content in there. Stubborn already. ;) On Monday my mom and I took a little road trip to one of our favorite home decor places, Nell Hill's. We love going there and getting all sorts of holiday decor and the drive is just totally relaxing and completely beautiful. I was hoping that taking a trip an hour and a half away could induce labor. It was risky, but I thought well it's just an hour and a half. we'd have plenty of time to get to the hospital. Clearly I'm still with child, though. It was awesome though. We had homemade chicken and noodles, homemade chocolate pie and did a little shopping! Here's a few pics from our day trip...
I had to show off my bats too. Aren't they cute? :)
Melissa Loren

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  1. LOVE Nell Hills! This is the hardest part, friend. Thinking of you!!


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