Friday, November 29, 2013

Advent 2013

This is our first year making an Advent Calendar. Having Henry with us this year really lit a fire in me. We definitely want to raise him knowing the true meaning of Christmas. We want him to know that it's not all about the gifts, but that we are thankful and blessed. We want him to grow up knowing how much we love him and what he can do for others. 
I realize he'll only be 7.5 weeks at Christmas, but you can never start them too young, right? While recently I've seen people celebrate advent with small gifts, I thought it would be silly to purchase items for Henry at this stage. Really all of it might be silly at this stage, but I'm too excited to not start our new tradition. 
We decided that for each day of Advent we would write down one reason that we are thankful to be able to celebrate Christmas with Henry here this year + a way we plan to teach him how to celebrate the holiday season in the future. Again I realize he won't understand our notes yet, but I thought we could read them to him anyway and I could scrapbook them for him to have in the future. 
With that in mind I just stamped brown stock paper with a cute Christmas design  and wrote our notes to him on the back. As each day goes by we'll take a card down read our love and future plans to H and tuck them away in the scrapbook for later. 
I decided to do the calendar on Henry's chalkboard wall since this was all about him. 
Here's a look at our 2013 Advent Calendar...
Melissa Loren

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