Sunday, November 24, 2013

Don't Be Duped...

Ok so lately I've seen all of these pins on Pinterest for makeup dupes-specifically Elf dupes. (Elf is a makeup brand at Target, just incase.) Now had I not done an experiment a few months ago, I probably wouldn't have been able to control my repins. I would have been all, "ooo I need to try that, pin that for later!"

Now  when I see these pins I just roll my eyes and wonder if people actually tried the products before just comparing prices. I kind of feel like it's my duty to set the record straight. 

I mean isn't it? I can't let my friends fall into the dupe-trap. I did that for you. 

Luckily the trap only cost me about $20. You see, about the 8th month of my pregnancy I decided to swap all of my high-end makeup for elf products. I did the full shebang. I tried everything from foundation to mascara. I tried the primer and the mist and set, ALL of it. I thought if I could save some money then that would be fantastic. We had a baby on the way, it was worth a try!

I really wish that at $3 a product I could tell you to go out and swap all of your products for the Elf dupes, right.this.moment. I just can't, though. I was so disappointed in almost every product I tried. The foundation and the concealer were the worst part. It's definitely worth it to splurge a little on those two items. And by splurge I mean L'Oreal or something like that. We don't have to spend ridiculous amounts on these products. (Even though I really love me some M. A. C.)

But we don't lower our standards either, or sacrifice our skin. The only elf products that I didn't toss out were the pressed powder(to set my foundation), the brow kit and the cream liner. That's not to say I'd keep buying them, I just didn't feel bad that I had spent the money on those items. 

With all of that being said, everyone's skin and tastes are different. Maybe the elf dupes will be worth it to you, but in my case I didn't find they were. 

Have you tried the elf dupes? Is it just me or were they a bit weak for you as well? I'd love to know if you've tried them and what you think.  Are there other brands that you swear by? I bought a sephora foundation for the first time and I actually think it's awful, too! 

Please tell me if you have favorite brands or products, I'm always looking for better products!

Give me your feedback!

Melissa Loren

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