Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{Guest Post: Advice For The Brand New Mamas}

Hello all! My name is Natalie and I am a mother of one amazing little 15 mo old, the wife of a cattle rancher and the keeper of the home.

As a first time mom, there were a million things I was unprepared for and, at the time, I was way to proud to ask. 15 months later, 3 baby carriers and 2 unopened packages of cloth diaper covers later... I have a few pieces of advice for all my brand new mom friends.

1. Never turn away help in the first weeks - you may think you're organized and you're going to dominate this 'new mom' job but you can never have too many hands

2. Give your husband/partner specific jobs. It's unfair to expect him to know the scope of everything you do around the house. I found once I gave my man tasks of washing his cow poop covered clothes each day he did much better. And he loves me that much more.  Husbands = kids...They need structure.

3. Be realistic about your level of green. We all want the very best for our children and mother Earth.  But for me? Between the cows, horses, dog and cats I deal with enough poop on a daily basis. The last thing I wanted was a tub of poopy diapers soaking in our already poop covered washing machine and adding that on our list of to dos.  Target has great diapers at an even better price! 

4. Sleep!! Having a baby is so exciting and everyone wants to see him and you and talk and talk... and talk.  Another great task for your husband is scheduling your visits because when that baby sleeps you need to sleep. No joke. No, "oh I feel pretty good today maybe I don't need a nap" because just when you think he's down for the night he'll pull a fast one on you and you'll be praying for sleep. :)

5. Give yourself a break. There is no way you can know or understand everything that is about to happen. And just when you have a rhythm figured out with your babe, something will happen ( teething, cold, dog barking) and everything will be wiped out.  Just laugh, kiss your babe, and remember just how excited you are that he's here.  It's going to be hard, nobody ever told us parenting was easy. But it's so worth it, poop blow outs and all! 

Enjoy these moments because they go all too fast. You wont spoil that sweet little one. Wear him everywhere you go if you want because nothing makes a baby happier then the smell and sounds of his Mama.  

Cheers, Friends! 

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