Monday, November 18, 2013

{GUEST POST: My Journey to Mommy Hood Part TWO}

I'm happy to welcome Chrissy to the blog today! 

While I thought I was conscientious and prepared by reading up on all things baby related prior to my little one’s arrival, I quickly realized how much I didn’t know once I arrived home with him in my arms. I read the typical “expecting” books, talked to friends who had their own little ones, and did tons of research online. Then that momentous day, which turned out to be Thanksgiving 2012, proved to me that intuition and mommy instinct kick into high gear as soon as your newborn is placed in your arms.

What I learned:

Newborns eat a lot… all the time (especially if you’re breastfeeding and feeding on demand).

Initially, breastfeeding is pure torture and delight rolled into one continual, never-ending cycle. It is your baby’s source of food and nutrition, and the ultimate bonding experience.

Sleep whenever you can, not just when baby is sleeping. Let Daddy or a family member hold your little one so you can get some shuteye.

There are many methods to calm a crying baby, whether it involves white noise in the room, “shushing” in the baby’s ear, swaddling to get that cocoon effect, the constant motion of walking or rocking, placing him in a vibrating seat, or wearing him to give that mama bear comfort. Don’t give up! Try various methods to find the key calming method for your baby and it’ll work like a charm.

Schedules and routines are in constant orbit. Just follow your baby’s cues for when to feed, sleep, change a dirty diaper, etc.

Take pictures and capture the moments! Babies change so quickly.

Everything is a phase; it too shall pass. Take a breath and enjoy mommyhood!

xo Chrissy

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