Thursday, November 14, 2013

{Guest Post: Words of Wisdom for All Mommas and Mommas-To-Be}

I am pleased to share some wonderful words from Hayley, today. I obviously read this before my baby had arrived, but I hope to review these and respond to what she has to say. I read these words over and over again before I gave birth, because even though I wasn't a mom yet, I knew these were some great tips to hold onto. Thank you Hayley, so much, for your submission. 

I absolutely adore watching new moms on their journey through pregnancy and preparation to bring a tiny new life into the world.  The excitement is like no other, and knowing the blessings that are about to be upon them, makes my heart so full.  Motherhood is amazing.  It’s not one of those things that you can describe in words.  My kids are six and four now, but the precious baby memories are still fresh in my mind.  Those first months are a blur of confusion, exhaustion, and somehow complete fulfillment in the middle of it all.  The last six years have been the most exciting, rewarding, overwhelming, and absolutely most fun of my life.  I never would have believed how much time I would spend laughing and giggling with these little extensions of me.  As I’ve survived these last few years, I’ve taken note of little things along the way.  I’m generally known for being comical as I write about my kids and my crazy mommy adventures, but I’ve picked up a few serious things on my journey.

1. Nobody can explain how much you’re going to love that little person until you see them and touch them in that first moment.  The way you view the entire world will change in every way.

2. Be prepared to love your husband in a brand new way.  You attraction to him will explode the first time you see him holding the life you created.  There’s nothing sexier than a man being a great father.  

3. No matter how strong you are, there are times that you will feel helpless in motherhood.  Your own mom will have a new role in your life.  If you’re not blessed with your mom’s presence on your journey, find another mom to turn to.  They’ve been there.

4. Don’t take parenting advice from people who don’t have kids.  Until you’ve done it or experienced it, you don’t know.  Period.  Ignore their judgments.

5. On the flip side, carefully consider advice from the ones who have done it.  They just might know better from experience.  Admit that you don’t have all the answers.  Your child is the one who pays the price when your pride gets in the way of your choices.

6. Nurture your friendships.  This new mommy role will consume your life for a bit, but it won’t be that way forever.  Your friends may very well be the only thing that keeps you sane on some days.

7. You and your partner won’t agree on all of the parenting choices.  These are tough times.  You both deserve an equal role in the job, but sometimes you have to bend and trust that your spouse also has the best interest at heart.  If their choice turns out to be wrong, bite your tongue and move forward.  Your kids will learn how to have healthy relationships from watching you.

8. Here’s the honest truth:  Nobody thinks your kid is as cute as you do.  Save the text messages filled with pics of your kid for the grandparents.  Upload all you want on Facebook and Instagram.  If people don’t want to see 78 pictures of your kid sleeping, they can scroll right by.  No matter what you see, chances are, your kid probably isn’t the next Gerber baby or a future super model.  Fill your home with pictures of your kids, not your friends’ phones.

9. Be humble when it comes to your kids.  Your kid is probably not the smartest and most precious to anyone but you, and that’s okay.  Don’t be the one-upper.  Let other moms share their stories, and just listen sometimes.  Take off your mommy goggles every once in awhile, because you’ll see important things.  

10. Leave your kids every once in awhile.  Believe it or not, other people can properly care for your kids too.  Your kids will benefit from the break and so will you.  A vacation may not always be an option, but a night away, or even a kid free weekend at home can keep your whole family happy and healthy.

11. Your kids are going to embarrass you, and there will be moments when you feel like the worst mom in the world.  Stop, take a deep breath, and laugh.  Every mom has been or will be there.  It won’t be the last time.  Keep laughing along the whole journey.  Life goes on!

12. Do what you can, and don’t worry about what you can’t.  Don’t compare yourself to other moms.  You haven’t lived their life, and they haven’t lived your life.  In the end, we’re all just trying to do our best at the hardest thing we’ve ever done.

Whether you’re preparing to live the mommy life, or you’re living it right now, enjoy it.  Make a conscious decision to love it.  Find the fun in it.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Good luck!  

-Hayley Woods

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