Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sometimes all you need is a good chat and a venti pumpkin spice latte...

Well, we're 12 days into this parenting gig. 

It feels like time is going by slower than molasses, yet we've almost stumbled upon the 2-week mark in the blink of an eye. 

In the last 12 days I've birthed a human being. I've been ripped to shreds and healed back up. I've pushed through the pains of breastfeeding. While pushing through, I discovered that breastfeeding will never be completely painless. Whoever tells you it will be is a crock. I've showered 4 times, I've worn makeup twice and I've done my hair zero times. I've lost all shame and modesty when it comes to my body and my husband. I wear pads like they're going out of style. And I've cried more in 12 days than I did my entire pregnancy. 

Figuring out life with a new baby is tough. It's a big adjustment. Sometimes you can feel trapped or tied down. I think it takes coming to terms with the fact that things, change. You won't sleep the same again. You won't get ready the same way again. Your relationships won't be the same, at least not at first. And your baby needs you, he wants you. You're all he's had for the last 10 months so why would it be any different just because he's out of your belly? So take every moment and soak it up. Enjoy him needing you and wanting to sleep on your chest 24/7. It won't last long, right?

Navigating motherhood also helps when you have incredible friends. My friends, mamas or not, have constantly been there for me. Whether it's just a text to say good morning or a meal for Kory and me. Sometimes that's just what you need-a friend who brings you a half-caff venti pumpkin spice latte and lends her ears to listen to all of your struggles and fears and let's you know that you're not alone and that you're only human.

A good mama-to-mama conversation is refreshing to a weary new-mama soul. Don't underestimate the power of friendship and conversation during hard times. 

Thank you AGAIN, to all of my girlfriends. You guys truly are the best. Henry is lucky to have so many aunties! Love you guys! A special shout out to Natalie, I truly appreciate all of your thoughtfulness and wisdom. 

Melissa Loren

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