Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I'm Wearing

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I had a request to do a post on outfit ideas for tomorrow's holiday. I thought it would be fun to indulge myself in a little online window shopping. 
On Turkey Day, the key is to be relaxed and comfortable. I'd like to pretend like I'm all fit and I'll fill my plate with 70% veggies and 30% protein. Let's be honest though, my Thanksgiving Day plate will be full of carbs and tryptophan. YUM, I love foood! 
T-Day for me calls for leggings. Who am I kidding, every day for me calls for leggings! It'll just be me, my boys and my parents here at our house, so I'm not too worried about being all gussied up.
Style #2 will be what I stick to. Leather leggings and either an oversized flannel or just an oversized basic white tee with some camel booties! Yeah :)
If we were going somewhere else I'd do style #1, a great pair of flare jeans with an oversized slouchy sweater and some great heels. I LOVE big cozy sweaters! They're part of what makes winter worth while. If you're not digging a sweater, this gold loose tee will keep you stylish and comfy. 
Last but not least, if we had big evening plans after family time, like the Plaza lighting or a little friendsgiving I'd go for something a little more fancy. I'm loving this oxblood pencil skirt and I'm still digging peplums and this one seems super festive.
So that's that. I'll be laid back and comfy tomorrow. What will you be wearing?? Do you go for the casual look or will you take it up a notch?
Melissa Loren

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