Monday, December 2, 2013

{Henry Harper's Nursery}

In way too many photos, here's Henry's nursery. It's simple and I love it. Sometimes a budget can be the best thing. When we first moved in I painted every room in our house a different color-BRIGHT colors I should add. I've since repainted and after learning my lesson I really wanted the nursery to be all white. I knew it would be all white whether we had a boy or a girl. It makes it feel fresh and clean. Most of Henry's room was DIY'ed or I stole pieces from other rooms in our home. The yellow ladder was a DIY project, as was the chalkboard wall and the turquoise dresser. All of the picture frames were thrift store finds that I spray painted to match the nursery. Kor and I whipped up Henry's banner all in one evening. It's bright and cheery and makes 2 am wake up calls a little more relaxing. ;)
all images via Jana Marie Photography
Melissa Loren

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