Sunday, December 15, 2013

{Weekend Fun}

This is really more of a here's-a-ton-of-pictures-of-Henry-sort-of-post. :) Bare with me. My goal, now that I'm kind of sort of getting into a groove, is to start taking more pictures and to start taking adventures with my little sugar bear. So hopefully lots more weekend posts are coming.
Here are the announcements that we sent out to our family. Photo credit goes to the wonderful Jana Marie Photography. This picture is everywhere, because it is everything. Henry is perfect in this picture. Well he's perfect in general, but there's just something about this photo!
This is just before heading over to visit our neighbors.
He sits.
He smirks.
He covers our walls. Also, I'm hoping to add an "S" in that upper left region.
He loves going for walks in his stroller.
He is always holding his own head up. This has been happening since he was 6 days old(that's when his announcement photos were taken!).
My beautiful family. 
We like to visit dad at work.
Weekends are completely different around here these days and we're totally ok with it!
Melissa Loren

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