Thursday, January 23, 2014

{Handmade Winter: A Review}

I don't know about you all, but over here, we're ready to be done with Winter. Myself, and this little baby, we have cabin fever. We're ready for warmer weather so that we can start adventuring together, like we always talk about. While we'd all love for spring to hurry up and do it's thang, we must face the facts, winter's stubborn self is here for a bit longer. SO, if we're going to be cooped up in this house, we might as well have something to inspire us!
That's where Handmade Winter comes in. Handmade Winter is an eBook put together by a group of wonderful and talented, #creativemamas. This eBook is full of wintery recipes, crafts and inspiration. I love what this book has to offer. What I love most is not only that it is full of beautiful ideas, but it opens your mind to being creative. This book definitely has an emphasis on winter, but it can carry you into all of the seasons.
I'm already daydreaming about the fancy maxi skirt and how I could make it for myself in a nice spring color(maybe a shorter version, too!?). And of course the fancy cocktails in this eBook are calling my name right now. At the end of what seems to be a very long day these days, I could really use a fun cocktail to make me feel like an adult again. Also, the penguin softies (!!!). You guys have to check these things out!
Handmade Winter really is a delightful read and has something in it for everyone. There are party-hosting tips, gift-giving ideas and lots of pretty things to make. If you buy one book to inspire you this winter, make it this one!
Click here to purchase your copy of Handmade Winter.
Please treat yourself and purchase a copy of this eBook today!
Melissa Loren

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