Thursday, January 2, 2014

Henry Harper is TWO Months Young!

Henry rang in the New Year by turning TWO months!
Here's a little bit about my sug at two months:

1. Henry smiles all the time. That is, when he's not giving his infamous scowl!
2. He has lost all of his baby acne and the small bit of cradle cap that he had. 
3. He's sleeping very well. I almost hate to say that because it feels like a jinx. 
4. He still hates to be put down. He must be walked around at all times. 
5. Tego is showing much more interest in Henry and Henry seems to like it. :)
6. He has outgrown ALL of his newborn clothes. :( We already have a huge giveaway pile. 
7. He still has quite a bit of hair. I didn't know that babies tend to lose most of what they're born with. (Not all babies do)
8. He loves car rides and the stroller. 
9. Dad is his favorite person right now. He seems to be super happy and chill with dad. 
10. He's still nursing very well and flying through diapers!

The most significant change I've seen in Henry this month is that he's starting to develop a little personality. He's smiling and cooing all the time and letting us know that he's happy. Although he still demands to be held majority of the time, we've still been trying out quilt and tummy time. He doesn't always last long, but he's been going for longer stretches. It's nice because I can shower or actually do the dishes. We go to 2 month checkup on Monday and I'm so excited to hear what the pediatrician has to say!
Melissa Loren

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