Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{Month Three Must Haves}

{Sound Machine}{Breast Pump}{Storage Bags}{Rockaroo}{Bumbo}{Rings}

Now that Henry is really starting to find his hands(and feet...and mouth), he's starting to grab things. He'll hold onto them and stare at them, or stick them directly in his mouth, so it's nice to have these colorful rings. He can practice holding onto things and the contrasting colors give him something to look at.

We actually have the mamaroo, not the rockaroo. The rockaroo wasn't out when we were registering for Henry. Hen is starting to come around to the mamaroo, but he's still not a huge fan. Now Henry is a baby that likes to be held. No matter what. From the beginning he has never hung out in any of the "swings" we've purchased for more than 10 minutes. So if you have a baby like ours, it truly won't matter what kind of swing, rocker or bouncer that you buy. However if we were registering now, I would choose the rockaroo over the mamaroo. I think Henry, and probably most babies, would prefer the forward motion of the rockaroo rather than the side to side motion of the mamaroo.

Unfortunately I didn't start pumping right away. The only reason why this is unfortunate is because you have the most milk in the beginning few weeks and it's your opportunity to get a head start and stock up for later or if you return to work. I was overwhelmed with breastfeeding alone and adjusting to my new life, so I didn't have time to even think about pumping. And like I said, I couldn't put Henry down, not even to pump. Now that I've adjusted, I've been pumping for a few weeks. I pump at night after Henry goes down and since he's sleeping through the night(knock on wood) I get up around 4 or 5 am to pump, before he wakes up. I couldn't survive without a pump. With Henry sleeping through the night I was waking up totally engorged. I now know that that's the reason why breastfeeding was so painful. I was so swollen that Henry would really have to work to latch on, which would cause me to be very sore and tender. VERY sore. Pumping to prevent engorgement has been a lifesaver. I like to use the Lansinoh storage bags over the Medela bags because they're cheaper and you get more for your money. Also, we got the Ameda pump through our insurance. It's not the pump that I wanted, but it's perfect, it does what it's supposed to do and it was FREE!

We didn't start using a sound machine right away. I'd say we've been using it just during this third month. Henry's room is at the front of the house, so it helps to drown out the noise from the neighbors and whatever other noises that might disturb his slumber.

Lastly the bumbo has been great in the last couple of weeks. We've been putting him in there at least once a day just to get him used to it. It's nice to strengthen his back and to have some fun one on one time.

Month three is just about down! (Saturday) Where is the time going!? I wonder what month 4 will bring...
Melissa Loren

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