Friday, January 10, 2014

Things I Didn't Realize About Newborns...

I'm writing this post for all of my future-mama friends. I found myself googling baby traits incessantly. Every time Henry did something that frightened me or a new condition popped up, I was searching the internet trying to make sure that they were normal and nothing that I should be rushing to the hospital for. Having had zero knowledge about babies, everything was a surprise to me. It was all a learning experience. It's nice to know that all of these are totally normal and nothing to worry about. If only I'd known ahead of time. :)

The Moro/Startle Reflex: a sort of jumpiness that makes your baby extend his legs and fling his arms up in the air and then retract them. A loud noise or even your baby's own cry can trigger the reflex. This reflex can last up to 6 months and is the main reason parents swaddle their babes. We have to swaddle H, otherwise he'd wake himself up all through the night. However, the reflex does decrease significantly after 6 weeks. It's perfectly normal and a good example of your baby's nervous system, so no worries. :)

Molting: Your infants skin may peel and become cracked and flaky. It's as if they're molting. And they sort of are as their skin adjusts to this new, outside world. It's caused by the transition from the amniotic fluid to air. It too is normal and should be helped with unscented lotion only. 

Acne: Baby acne is very common. It's brought on by hormones, momma's hormones that is. No stress, it's normal and it's not an indication of his or her future. The best thing you can do is LEAVE IT ALONE. Don't pick, pop or scratch anything. Ok? K. 

Sneezing: When we first brought Henry home I was so worried that he had a cold  because he kept sneezing. Turns out, excessive sneezing is their way of clearing their nasal and respiratory passages.  

Cradle Cap: It's still unknown what causes this dandruff-like condition. The good news is that it's 100% harmless. In some cases the scalp may become scaley and brown, which causes the parents more stress than anything else. If it bothers you that much try applying coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil or ucerin, to your babe's scalp. Be sure to wash it out afterwards to prevent clogging pores and making it worse. 

Lip Blister: A callus may develop from rapid nursing or sucking from a bottle. It again, is harmless. They will probably come and go and will eventually disappear totally on their own. They cause zero pain to the little ones. 

Strange Breathing: Henry would scare the heck out of me with irregular breathing. He'd breathe rapidly for several seconds and then he'd completely stop breathing for several seconds. I'd find myself with my ear nestled up to his nose often, checking to make sure he was breathing. Infants do go through periods of pauses and rapid breathing, so don't panic if this happens. It is actually building strength in their diaphragm. 

Did your little one have any other quirks that worried you in the beginning?! Were you a google-aholic like me?? Haha

Melissa Loren

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