Thursday, January 16, 2014

{Things You Should Be Buying at Target}

I can't stop. Target always lures me in. I always promise myself that I'm just looking or just getting what I need, but that never happens! They're chalk full of goodies right now. Every section I passed, something jumped out at me. I'm particularly loving those ankle boots. I'm not sure I'm ready to rock a two-piece the the cut-out back on that print suit is so cute, you'll have to check it out. The blue and white sweater is for men and I'd love it on my beau, but I also think it'd be super cute as a tunic on us gals. That black and white dress is waaayy cuter in person. Trust me, I resisted the temptation to throw it in my cart. Below are the links to these items and I also added a few pics that I snapped with my phone while I was in Target. I couldn't find these items online. I would've taken better pictures had I known I wouldn't be able to find them on the site! If you like any of them, hopefully your store will have them! :)
Ankle Boot
Chalkboard Basket
Men's Sweater
These would be so cute with rolled jeans and a white tee. They were only $19.99!
I thought this would be cute for the littles...
An ampersand?? Yes, please! This would look great in our dining room.
I thought these vinegar and oil jars were timeless and would look good just about anywhere.
This is just fun and festive for V-Day! :)
Melissa Loren

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