Sunday, January 5, 2014

{Two Month Must Haves}

1. A Quilt for play time/tummy time. My Godmother made this fabulous quilt for Henry. It is just the cutest!
2. Zip onesies. I always said I wouldn't dress my baby in these. I only wanted him to wear "real" and "stylish" clothes. He will someday, but for now zip onesies are the! They make life so easy. Plus with the frigid temps (-10 here, folks), the fleece zips keep our little nugget nice and warm!Also you can find them anywhere and they usually range from $5-$7. It took all of one month for H to grow out of his newborn clothes. We're now in 3 months and I don't see those lasting too terribly long, so it just seems crazy to spend a ton of money on clothes for him.
3. Coconut Oil. Towards the end of the first month and into the second, Henry went through a cradle cap/dry scalp phase. I don't think it was ever severe enough to really be cradle cap, but it could've been if we hadn't tended to it. Coconut oil worked wonders. It only took a couple of applications and it made his hair soft and silky. You can find it anywhere, even your local grocery store.
4. Nipple Cream. I used this like it was my job. It really does help. It helped with the soreness. I used it after every feeding. I used this brand because I didn't do research on any others and this one is everywhere. If there's a better one, please share!
5. Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer. H is finally coming around to hanging out by himself for small amounts of time. He really enjoys his quilt, but if we're eating dinner or need to shower this bouncer has been a life saver. He maxes out at about 15 minutes, but we'll take what we can get to eat some grub! My one complaint is that the vibrate option shuts off after 15 minutes-that just pisses him off. Why would they do that to us parents?

Month two has proven to be significantly easier than month one. It's still crazy hard and we're still learning everyday but nothing compares to month one! PLUS month two is full of smiles. I'm patiently waiting for a giggle. I might die when I hear a giggle!! Eeeek!
What were your two month must haves?? Is there anything that we'll need for month three or will it be pretty similar to month two?
I hope y'all have a wonderful day, we have to venture out in the cold and snow to get Hen's two month shots. Will I cry? I might cry. I'm excited to see how much he weighs, though and how he's doing. I'll focus on that. :)
Melissa Loren

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